Conversion Tool     


This tool allows you to convert AI Ready ENVs and UCDP Ready XMLs (generated from AI Ready ENVs) into the PDF format for easier handling and printing. The converted PDF will mirror the PDF viewed from the AI Ready ENV by your client.

Alternatively, UCDP Ready XMLs contain the embedded PDF. As a result, this tool will extract the PDF from the XML and present that for viewing.

How to:

  1. Click on the Browse button to select the AI Ready ENV from your PC.
  2. After selecting the filename, you should see it in the text box. For AI Ready files, be sure the file has the .ENV extension (All AI Ready files have the .ENV extension). For UCDP Ready files, be sure the file has the .XML extension.
  3. When ready, click on the Convert button. A new web browser window should open and the upload process will begin. When the upload completes, the PDF will be generated in a few seconds and the download of the PDF to the new browser will proceed.
  4. Once your PDF is displayed, use the "save a copy" button to save it to your PC or use the "print" button to print.

For more information on how to use this tool, see the Quick Step Guide.

For questions about AI Ready, you may want to first read the appraiser FAQ page, the AI Ready Top Questions, or the AI Ready PDF Detials documents. For all other questions or comments, please contact AppraisalPort Customer Support.

Note: Within this conversion tool, the AI Ready ENV is immediately deleted from the conversion systems once the corresponding PDF is generated. The AI Ready ENV is not sent to your client. This action does not remove the AI Ready ENV from your PC.

Generating a PDF from the AI Ready ENV takes only a few seconds. Any time delay typically comes from the speed of your internet connection, which determines the time required for uploading of the ENV and the downloading of the PDF.