Are You Ready?

Are you ready to take productivity, output, clientele and, most importantly, your profits to a whole new level? Are you ready to ditch your delivery-related expenses entirely? Are you ready to never again have to convert to any other specific format to meet a client’s requirements? Are you ready to seamlessly communicate with all your clients? To receive orders and submit reports securely? To have instant access to industry leading comp data? Are you ready to do all of this and more without having to leave your forms software or re-key a single field?



Features and Benefits

Instantly and automatically import order information into your appraisal report.

In the past, you have had to re-key the order information that you received via fax or phone call for a new order into your appraisal report. No more. With AI Ready and AppraisalPort, all of the client's order information is automatically imported into your appraisal report. Never re-key again.

Instantly access industry leading comparable and subject property data from the AI Residential Database®.

Your AI Ready forms software gives you access to industry leading comparable and subject property data without ever leaving your software package. Once you've found that perfect property data, you simply transfer this data directly into your report, eliminating re-keying entirely. Save time and avoid "fat-fingering" incorrect information.

Instantly convert your completed report into the AI Ready format and securely upload it directly to your client through AppraisalPort.

Delivery is efficiency defined. A few clicks and your report is quickly converted to the AI Ready format, packaged and sent directly to your client’s management system for immediate review. Delivery-related expenses are eliminated entirely and you still haven't left your software package.

Get paid sooner.

With AI Ready the individual data elements of your report are uploaded directly to your lender clients allowing them to open, read and automatically review your appraisal reports and invoices. By enabling automatic review of your report, the AI Ready process shaves days off of the typical review period and gets you paid faster than ever before.

Eliminate the need to convert to any other specific format to meet a client’s requirements.

You're tired. Tired of having to constantly convert and re-convert your report from its native format for your various lenders depending on what they can access. Okay. Done. AI Ready is a true open standard, one that allows your reports to be opened, read and automatically processed by all of your clients with only one conversion.

Do it all from within the comfort of your current forms software package.

Apart from the time you spend in the field, the majority of your business day takes place working within your forms software package. AI Ready allows you to complete your entire process—from downloading order information, to importing subject and comp data, to the upload of your completed report—without ever leaving your package. No more switching programs to search for comps, communicate with the client, to convert your files or email your completed report. Stay where you are.