Are You Ready?

Are you ready to take productivity, output, clientele and, most importantly, your profits to a whole new level? Are you ready to ditch your delivery-related expenses entirely? Are you ready to never again have to convert to any other specific format to meet a client’s requirements? Are you ready to seamlessly communicate with all your clients? To receive orders and submit reports securely? To have instant access to industry-leading comp data? Are you ready to do all of this and more without having to leave your forms software or re-key a single field?



Welcome to the future

Get ready to maximize your output and minimize your overhead. Get ready for seamless transfers and communication. The future is now. Are you ready?

Built upon the Appraisal Institute's open XML standard for data storage and transmission, AI Ready is revolutionizing the residential lending and appraisal industries. AI Ready allows your lender clients to open, read and automatically review your appraisal reports. Using the forms software of your choice, your reports will be reviewed, and you will be paid, faster than ever before.

Completely compatible with AppraisalPort®, AI Ready automatically imports order information into your appraisal report. Property and borrower information from your client auto-populates your AI Ready forms software package, all but eliminating the need to re-key.

AI Ready gives you instant access to industry leading comparable and subject property data from AIRD and immediately transfers this data into your appraisal report. You'll spend far less time searching for comps and keying them in—giving you faster turnaround on your reports.

Delivery's never been easier. No printing, no mailing, no driving, no email. With AI Ready and AppraisalPort, your completed report is uploaded, securely and directly to your lender client. And you never even left your forms package. How cool is that?

What are you waiting for? Get AI Ready today!